Friday, October 2, 2009

Dues are Due!


Coyotes - The Chief has been sleeping in the saddle. Dues are due Oct 2 (today). Please bring me a check this weekend ($73 members or $91 non-members) if you haven't paid. I'll turn in all the money on Monday.

2009-2010 Program Dues

We would like to start off by saying that dues are vital to the livelihood of our program. They allow us pay for all of the patches and program supplies, they pay for the staff, and they allow us to continue to keep the cost down on many of the events like Fall and Spring Outing. We are counting on all you chiefs to help make sure that we get all the dues in for the upcoming season. The 2009-2010 dues will be $91 per pair for non-members of the YMCA, $73 per pair for members of the YMCA. and for each additional child in the program: $27 for Y members and $33 for non-Y members Dues must be paid before Friday, October 2, 2009. You must pay your dues before you can register for the Third Year Date Night, Third Year Pow-Wow, and/or the Camp Rockmont Fall Outing. Dues may be paid by several methods: over the phone with a credit card (Visa, Master Card, & American Express), by mail with a check, or in person (check, cash, or credit)