Monday, November 15, 2010

Updated Schedule from Chief


  • Durham Ronald McDonald House – Saturday, 8/28 from 8 – 12 (Thanks Todd Godwin)
  • Possible Railhawks or College Football Game (TBD)


  • Camping + 4 mile hike at Hanging Rock – Saturday, 9/25
  • Volunteer labor for mulch (subject to HOA approval)


§ Charity Walk/Run (TBD) – Several opportunities are posted on the website including Crop Walk on Sunday 10/3 at 2 PM or Walk For Hope on Sunday 10/10. Also, Camp Kanata Reach Out 5k Run/Walk on Saturday 9/25 or The Carying Place Walk for Wings on Sunday 9/26

  • Possible GH or PC Football Game or YGP Night at State Fair on Monday 10/18


  • Durham Food Bank - Saturday, 11/13 from 9 – 12 (Thanks Jon Hager)
  • Fall Outing – Saturday, 11/20 from 9 AM – 8 PM (new program this year for 3rd year)


  • Angel Tree (Not sure of dad hosting)
  • Coyote Holiday Party (only official tribe meeting)


  • Raleigh Rescue Mission (Not sure of dad hosting)
  • Possible College Basketball Game (TBD)


  • Brown Bag Ministry (Not sure of dad hosting)
  • Winter Inning – Saturday 2/5 - The Passing Zone presents GRAVITY ATTACKS


  • Spring Cleaning for Seniors (TBD)
  • Possible Hurricane’s Game (TBD)


  • Raft Building
  • Spring Outing (TBD)


  • Troops Memorial Day Thanks (concept that came up at our Dad’s meeting to create a patch for other tribes to send letters/packages)
  • Possible Durham Bulls or Carolina Mudcats Game (TBD)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Outing coming up

How How,

Just a reminder that our Spring Outing is in two weeks! try to complete all your feathers before then. Consult your book for activities and things to do. Don't forget to also assemble and bring a relief kit to Spring Outing. please see previous blog entry for details. I'll send out an update, directions, etc. next week.

- Chief Laughing Horse
- Little Red Wolf

Friday, March 12, 2010

Haiti Relief for Spring Outing

Coyotes - Please read info below and plan on bringing a relief kit. Thanks.

Haiti Relief at Spring Outing

There is a reason why we call ourselves the "Mighty Arapahoe Nation." There is strength in our numbers. As you are aware the entire nation of Haiti was affected by the earthquake that occurred on January 12, 2010. As with most human disasters on this level, there is an initial overwhelming response from the global community; however, there is a natural tendency to move on with our lives. In Haiti, the pain, suffering, and need continues. This is where the Mighty Arapahoe Nation can step in to help make a difference.

The Third Year tribe Raging Ravens is spearheading an effort with the Arapahoe Nation to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. They are asking every father/child pair to make a Personal Hygiene Kit and bring it to the Spring Outing where we will collect the kits. Dads and kids will need to purchase a 1 gallon zippered plastic bag. Inside the bag please include the following items:

  • 1 Hand Towel
    1 Washcloth
    1 Bar of Soap (3 oz and up)
    1 Toothbrush (single brush only in original wrapper, not child-sized)
    1 Tube of Toothpaste
    1 Large Comb
    1 Nail File or Nail Clipper
    6 Band-aids
    1 One Dollar Bill (in an envelope to defray various project costs)

Please help the Raging Ravens and the Mighty Arapahoe Nation support the citizens of Haiti. Each pair that brings a Personal Hygiene Kit to the Spring Outing will receive special patches for their efforts. You only need one kit per pair to receive the patches, but you are welcome and encouraged to make more than one kit.

The Raging Ravens are also looking for additional support for this project. They need help procuring suitable cardboard boxes for packing the kits, large collection bins for the Spring Outing, a rental truck to transport the kits from Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer to the drop off location after the final Spring Outing weekend, and other needs. If you can help with these additional efforts, please contact John Jenkins at or (919) 906-8508. Thank you in advance for your time and support!

Aim 5: To Love My Neighbor as Myself

Friday, January 8, 2010

Notes from the Spring Chiefs Meeting

How How,

Here are some notes of interest from the Chief's meeting. First one is most critical

Spring Outing

- Registration starts 7AM Jan 19th and ends Mar 12.
- Registration cost is $119 per dad/son. Cash, Check (payable to YMCA), and Credit Card are accepted.
- There are only 100 swaps allowed for each weekend. All money MUST come with registration form to secure another weekend. Translation - if we want April 23 or May 14, we need to have ALL the money and registration in the office on Jan 19.
- I will be out of town this week so I need another dad to collect the money and take it into the office. I need a volunteer.
- Cabin assignments are made week of camp. We can get our cabin assignments at that fishing store in Kinston.

Other potential activities and items of interest - We can bring model rockets to kite day. Moose used the "don't ask, don't wanna know" policy here.
- There is a park clean up day on Feb 27th (Bond Park - I think) where we can earn our green bear claw. Not sure if we want to add that to our calendar.
- DQ is offering a backstage tour of their facility and each kid (and dad) gets to make their own Sunday. May be a good add later in the spring. email (for my future reference) is
- Y-Guides circus night is Feb 26 and 27. $13.00

We can discuss more during our next meeting but I do need a volunteer to collect payment and register for our spring outing on Tuesday Jan 19.