Friday, January 8, 2010

Notes from the Spring Chiefs Meeting

How How,

Here are some notes of interest from the Chief's meeting. First one is most critical

Spring Outing

- Registration starts 7AM Jan 19th and ends Mar 12.
- Registration cost is $119 per dad/son. Cash, Check (payable to YMCA), and Credit Card are accepted.
- There are only 100 swaps allowed for each weekend. All money MUST come with registration form to secure another weekend. Translation - if we want April 23 or May 14, we need to have ALL the money and registration in the office on Jan 19.
- I will be out of town this week so I need another dad to collect the money and take it into the office. I need a volunteer.
- Cabin assignments are made week of camp. We can get our cabin assignments at that fishing store in Kinston.

Other potential activities and items of interest - We can bring model rockets to kite day. Moose used the "don't ask, don't wanna know" policy here.
- There is a park clean up day on Feb 27th (Bond Park - I think) where we can earn our green bear claw. Not sure if we want to add that to our calendar.
- DQ is offering a backstage tour of their facility and each kid (and dad) gets to make their own Sunday. May be a good add later in the spring. email (for my future reference) is
- Y-Guides circus night is Feb 26 and 27. $13.00

We can discuss more during our next meeting but I do need a volunteer to collect payment and register for our spring outing on Tuesday Jan 19.