Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Running Moose on wampum contributions


Please be thinking about our wampum contribution for the upcoming year. We'll take a vote during our meeting to decide. How How.

Dear Dads,

I would first like to welcome you back to a new year with YMCA Guides and Princesses, and to thank you for being a part of this special program. This year you will have opportunities to get involved in a multitude of exciting events, Nations Outings, and service/philanthropy projects. One of these amazing tribal opportunities is called the WeBuildPeople Campaign.

The WeBuildPeople Campaign is the YMCA's annual scholarship drive that helps families in the community to participate in vital YMCA programs that they could not otherwise afford. For the past three years we have asked each tribe to sponsor a child for summer camp. This initiative is called the "One Tribe, One Child" Wampum Pledge. This year it will cost $150.00 of your wampum to send a deserving child to camp for the summer. Please have a tribal discussion before the Fall Outing at Camp Kanata in regards to donating the tribe's wampum back to the YMCA. The tribe will have an opportunity at the Fall Outing to complete the Wampum Pledge Card, and pick up the WeBuildPeople patches at the same time. The tribe will be billed in February for their Wampum pledge, and the gifted amount will be due by the end of the Y Guides' calendar year in May. Not only is this a great chance to help those in need, but it is an amazing opportunity to teach your child about the power of giving back.

To add a little Y Guides' spirit into the campaign we have brought back the prize lottery again this year. Any tribe that donates their Wampum at the $500.00 level or higher will enter into a prize drawing. We will be giving away several prizes in the drawing, which include a FREE Spring Outing for an entire tribe, FREE Winter Inning Tickets for an entire tribe, 5 prizes that will allow the tribe to reserve any cabin at the Spring Outing, and much more!

On behalf of the YMCA, we want to thank each tribe for participating in the campaign this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Matthew "Running Moose" Strickland at (919) 719-9691. Make it a great year!

Pals Forever, Friends Always,

Matthew "Running Moose" Strickland