Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oct 3 Camping Trip Duties (updated Tue Sep 29)

How How everyone,

Our big fall camping trip is coming up in less than a week. Let's all think positive thoughts so we have great weather. A good brave is a prepared brave. Can I get each of the big brave/little brave to sign up for one of the duties below?

1. Materials for torches - Rushing Ram and Red Thunder ( bring money to outing to reimburse)
2. Firewood - Laughing Horse and Red Wolf
3. Firewood -
4. Stove or grill for cooking dinner - Rushing Ram and Red Thunder
5. Smores for Saturday night - Great Wolf and Rising Sun
6. Coffee for Sunday morning - Laughing Horse and Red Wolf
7. Breakfast for Sunday morning -
8. paper plates, cups, paper towels, and garbage bags - Running Bull and Bear Rock
9. Tribe photographer - Running Bull and Bear Rock

Not attending - Dancing Squirrel and Jumping Wolf

Also remember to bring a scary/funny story each little brave can share around the campfire.

As a reminder, Thunder Eagle and Daring Eagle will be our hosts for the meeting during the campout. Please let me or Thunder Eagle know if you plan to arrive after 4PM. Have a great week everyone!