Friday, August 21, 2009

Camping Trip Confirmed.

Great News!

Craig just reserved a Group Tent Site at Falls Lake State Recreation Area – an expansive reservoir and woodlands, habitat for diversity of animals, including American bald eagles. I'll send out the attachments on email as I can't seem to attach files on this blog.

Few highlights:

· Reserved Campsite #11 at the B.W. Wells Group Camp for Saturday, October 3rd
· Camp site is approx. 500 feet from the shower house / bathroom and 1,500 feet from the lake.
· Some park activities include lake fishing, 12 miles of hiking trails, and more than six miles of bicycling trails.
· Interpretive programs are available. See below for some choices.
· Must bring our on own wood.

Dangerous Plants & Animals
Give the kids close-up views of Copperheads and Black Widows! Everyone, young
and old, can learn to recognize the local hazards of the natural world, and enjoy the outdoors without fear!

Stream Study Activity
Get wet in a cool stream while looking for local animal life. Learn how animals can be an indicator of water quality. Be prepared to get wet! Wear sturdy shoes and bring a towel.

Poisonous Snakes of NC
Talk All Learn about the poisonous snakes of NC and where they are located across the state. Also some safety and first aid tips. See snake replicas and skins.