Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Planning for Year 2

How How,

Summer is fast upon us. Even though our official start of the 2nd year is in September, I hope we can get the group together before. Many of you mentioned a Durham Bulls game. I suggest a Sunday game. It's starts at 5PM and the kids can run the bases after the game. There are games on July 26 and Aug 2. Let me know if you have a preference and I'll work with the new fetch'um to coordinate ticket purchase (est $7 each).

I have a call into the foodbank to see if we can have the boys work on a volunteer project where they would provide backpacks of food to underprivledged kids. More to come on that.

Also think about a weekend campout either Sept 12 or Sept 19. We could travel to Linville Falls (bit of a drive) or stay locally at another camp. We could work through several feathers at the campout.

Rushing Ram - Can you reply to all with the Year 2 officers? Not sure who all of them are. Thanks.

See you at the pool!

Laughing Horse and Red Wolf


Unknown said...

Post you comments here!

Thunder Eagle said...

Will not be around on July 26th. What do you think about Arapahoe Nation Night at USA Baseball on Thurday, July 2nd. Get a patch, close by, and only $4.


Hookin' Fish said...

My teepee would be open to either the Durham Bulls or USA Baseball. We've never been to a USA Baseball game before.

Unknown said...

USA game sounds good. Ben will be at camp though. Let's hear from more before we decide. Thanks for posting!