Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Year Feather Award Requirements

Colored feather patches are awarded, as per the requirements listed below, at the rate of one per month, with no definite order required. Only little Braves/Princesses earn the Red, Blue, and Turquoise Feathers, which require memory work, with dad's coaching, of course. The remaining four feathers are earned by the Big and little Brave/Princess concurrently. Each patch is attached to the bottom of the feather award patch on your vest.

  • Red Feather: Know and repeat before tribe all the real and program names of each Big and Little Brave/Princess.

  • Blue Feather: Repeat the six Aims of the Y-Guide/Princess program.

  • Turquoise Feather: Recite the pledge of the Y-Guides and Princess program.

  • Orange Feather: Arrange a night-off for mom/family member. Big and Little Brave/Princess plan, purchase, cook, and serve dinner. After serving dinner, Big and Little Brave/Princess do the dishes. To earn this feather, a statement in writing to the Tallykeeper must be furnished.

  • Yellow Feather: Complete a 2-mile walking hike with Big Brave. This can be a tribe outing such as the Fall Outing at Camp Kanata. A report should be made at the next tribe meeting, each Brave/Princess telling of interesting things observed.

  • White Feather: Complete one overnight camping trip with Big Brave (Recommended as tribe outing.Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer do not count).

  • Green Feather: Complete three craft projects with Big Brave. These can be completed over a period of time. The projects will be presented to the tribe upon completion. The three do not have to be presented at the same meeting. The Tallykeeper will keep an accurate record of the projects. Crafts made at tribe meetings don't count.